Copeland - Coffee Acoustic tab

Artist: Copeland
Song: Coffee

tuning: Standard

When I first started playing guitar, this is one of the songs I looked at first and I
stuck to it pretty diligently. The way I play it, and the way its written below, isnt the
way Ive seen anyone else play it (on tabs or on YouTube ) but I think it sounds great. I 
used the acoustic version, cause well, that recording is so much better.
I highly recommend getting a hold of it if you dont have it


This is the standard pattern in the verses, (--There is plenty of time--) and also
during (--oh oh ohhh--)
A lot of people keep the top string on the third fret on the second chord, but think it
sounds more romantic when you put it on the second fret. Its a big difference. At least
to me.

Then the chorus:

(--If its not too late for Coffee--)
the last chord can be played either way, they sound great

(--Theres a love that transcends--)

then back to the main verse

Yeah, beautiful song.
Hope this helps.
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