Coral - Two Faces chords

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Two Faces - The Coral


A#sus2   x2


      C        A#sus2          C       A#sus2
Two faces of a girl I used to know,
C                  A#sus2                    C         A#sus2
One for which she stays and for where she goes


     A#                    Am
Two faces side by side 
          A#                   A

Ones like fire ones like ice
       G      Gm
Go for show         ?(not sure about this line!!)?
What do I know

Guitar Solo - Play chorus chords

Quiet part - you play if you want but on the actual track a piano plays A# and Am

                G   Gm
Go for show
What do I know

Play G through all of the 'All alone' part.

Chorus A# Am  Until the end
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