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Corey Smith - Redneck In Me tab

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chords used: D,G,A
listen to song for rythm and strum pattern

-----------------           -------------------|
-----------------           -------------------|
-----------------           -------------------|
------0----------           ------0------------|
-0-2-4-----------           -0-2-4-------------|
----------------- D G D G D -------------------|

D                           G
Most of the time I'm fairly civilized
D                                A
Try to hide my low class backward ways
D                    G
We both know I wear a thin disguise                          0
            D             A                       DGD  0-2-4-
You've seen my true colors shine as bright as day
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D                G              D
You bring out the redneck in me
                  G              A
you know just how crazy I can be
D                        G
I'll cuss 'n I'll fight 'n I'll drink all night
      D               G
Til I lose my dignity,                         0
D                    A              DGD  0-2-4-
when you bring out the redneck in me

Verse:(same pattern as first verse)
Traded in my pickup truck for an suv
bought some khaki pants and burned all my blue jeans
I've tried to join middle class society
I gotta white collar job and a college degree

(same chords and strum pattern as verse)

Verse:(same pattern as first verse)
My southern accent ain't so hard to hide
I can talk like a yankee when the timing is right
I seldom speak 'bout my rebel pride
unless I'm down in Athens raisin' hell on a friday night


D G D    G     D
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