Corneille - Back To Life tab

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BACK TO LIFE - Corneille
Tabbed by: Kengus

Standard tuning
Capo on first fret!

VERSE (beginning of verse)
   F#m            C#m/E          F#m            D/F#

F#m                     C#m/E                        F#m
     You found me such a mess, and still you took my hand
And held me out of numbness, became my truest friend
F#m                               C#m/E                             F#m
    Iíd been running looking for a home, but when you saw me out of breath
                   D/F#                              A
From running on my own, is when you kissed me out of death

Now that Iím recovering
Iím so glad for one thing only
Iím so, so glad I let you in


CHORUS (repeat x2)
F#m                C#m7/E                C#m7/E = 022120 
Woman, you loved me back to life
You loved me back to life
Your loveís that powerful

VERSE2 (same chords as verse1)
No one could ever seem to bring me to fall
And God knows theyíve tried
But you could see through my wall
Even when I tried to hide
And I know it hasnít been easy baby
And I know you hadnít signed up to save me baby
But here we are now, and better off now, in love

PRE-CHORUS (same chords as before)
I could tell of your pain too
And Iíll die trying to love it away
But this much I owe you
If I can say

CHORUS (chords as before, repeat x2)
Woman, you loved me back to life
You loved me back to life
Your loveís that powerful

Dmaj7              Esus4               E
Maybe, now you can tell me you need me too
Dmaj7            Esus4           E
Maybe, now I can be all that for you
Cmaj7             F
Maybe, now we can finally say we do
Bb                     A
This ainít no ordinary love
Not when a grown man can say

            C#/F                            C#/F = 143121
You loved me back to life
            C#m7/E        F#7
You loved me back to life
Your loveís a miracle

I think Iím gonna have to say it again and again and again

I said woman

CHORUS (chords as before, repeat x4)
You loved me back to life
You loved me back to life
Your loveís that powerful

OUTRO (basically just repeat chorus chords until the end)
F#m  C#m7/E  Dmaj7  Bm7......

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