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Corrinne May - Sight Of Love chords

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Song   : Sight Of Love
Artist : Corrinne May
Album  : Crooked Lines
Key    : D/E
Standard EADGBe tuning

Verse 1
One more candle to light the world
One more voice to sing praise
Every child that's born to the world
Is given this light of faith

Chorus 1
  Em7   Gsus2       A          Bm
If everyone joined hands in a circle
    Em7         Gsus2     A   
And passed that little light around
              D2            A/C#
There'd be a huge fireball streaking across the sky
     Bm             D/F#         G       D   A/C#  Bm   D/F#  G
And darkness would flee at the sight of love

D   A/C#  Bm   D/F#  G

Verse 2
D                   A/C#
See the Man who's crowned with thorns
Bm        D/F#        G
See the wound in His side
D                       A/C#
See the cross that He's nailed upon
Bm          D/F#     G
Heaven and Earth intertwined

Chorus 2
   Em7     Gsus2     A         Bm
And as His mother cradles her baby
     Em7     Gsus2      A
Her sorrow pierces the sky
  D2               A/C#
A huge curtain was ripped and torn
         Bm          D/F#          G    A   Em7
And the world was redeemed at the sight of love

                D/F#           G
Sometimes it's hard to see or to believe
                     A     Em7
There's goodness in every soul
        D/F#              Dm
We were made in love and back to love
         A        Bm   D/F#  G
We will return someday

Bm   D/F#  G
Bm   D/F#  G
Bm   D/F#  G  A

Verse 3
E                   B/D#
One white candle to bind our lives
C#m       E/G#            A
One sweet walk down the aisle
E                     B/D#
Here we'll promise to love 'til we die
    C#m          E/G#   A
To embrace every sacrifice

Chorus 3
    F#m7       Asus2    B       C#m 
With hills and valleys in the horizon
     F#m7       Asus2           B
I'll hold Your hand through it all
 E2                 B/D#              C#m        E/G#   A
From this moment as husband and wife, let no man ever divide
    C#m          E/G#          A    B   E      B/D#  C#m  E/G#  A
The world will believe at the sight of love

               E   B/D#  C#m  E/G#  A
The sight of love
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