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My Lagan Love  - The Corrs

G		                              F	      G         CFC G  	
Where Lagan streams sing lullabies, there blows a lily fair. 
				                               F       G         CFC    G  
When twilight gleam is in her eye, the night is on her hair. 
	            C       G     C9             D	           G
And like a lovesick lenashee, she hath my heart in thrall. 
			                       F          G       CFC    G
No life have I, no liberty, for love is Lord of all. 
				                                F         G        CFC   G
And sometimes when the beetles horn has lulled the eve to sleep, 
			                         F           G         CFC        G
I steal into her sheiling lorn and through the doorway creep. 
	            C          G          C9                     D	   G
There on the cricket's singing stone, she spares the bogwood fire 
				                             F              G      CFC       G
And hums in sad sweet and undertone the song of hearts desire. 

			                            F          G        CFC        G
Her welcome, like her love for me, is from her heart within 
			                        F       G      CFC     G     CFCG  CFCG  CFCG
Her warm kiss is felicity that knows no taint of sin.

Transcribed by Carlo Chiarenza
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