Cory Morrow - Beat Of Your Heart chords

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Beat of Your Heart
Written by Cory Morrow and Patrick Davis


D - Bm - A - D (2x)

First Verse:

     Bm             A         D         Bm         A            D
I hear that you're doing unwell.
    Bm        A           D          Bm         A            D
From your smile I could never tell.
                Bm           A           D
You open up the door and the world pours in,
           Bm          A          D
all of its problems solutions and sins.
           Bm          A           D
Everybody seems to have a remedy,
                                Bm             A                  
but there ain't no remedy that's ever gonna cure me.


G                                          D
Take it while it comes cause it don't last long.
      Bm          A             G
Hesitate and the moment's gone. 
Run in the rain and howl at the moon.
        Bm       A           Em
Fall in love way too soon.
                    Bm     G
Take my hand as the music starts
G                                   D
and we'll dance to the beat of your heart.

Bm - A - D (2x)

Second Verse:

           Bm       A       D         Bm         A            D
There's a distance in your eyes,
           Bm            A        D         Bm         A            D
seems you been looking for a place to hide.
                 Bm           A      D
There's nothing but love around you my child,
                Bm          A      D
but you can't see from your crying eyes.
              Bm              A        D  
You stand in a crowd when you wanna be alone,
                      Bm          A      
you're your own contradiction but you're not alone.



Bm            G              A
I know you stumble down that road,
trembling from the cold.
Bm              G        A
But this heart, and this love,
can save you.  It can save you.


D - Bm - A - D (Several Times)
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