Cory Morrow - Big City Stripper tab

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key: G
She's a waitress right now 
In some rundown Micky Mouse town 
But on the weekends 
		     C            G 
she's a big city strip tease 
She looks pretty sleek 
and for a dollar a peek 
		  D			  C 
You can make her aquaintance 
and then leave 
Her papa, he don't know 
his little baby takes off her clothes 
D                  C 
He don't ever ask how 
she pays the rent 
Now I go to see her dance 
at just about every chance 
        D					C 
And she leaves me with feelin 
it was money well spent 
She's a big city stripper 
and all the cowboys love to tip her 
D			    C			  G 
Spendin' their lives in a velvet seat 
$5 a beer "Good God"  
I never ever want to leave here 
		 D		   C 
She's my big city stripper 
	  D   		     C           G 
and I think she's in love with me 
Now her life's a sorted wreck 
she seldom gets any respect 
Ah, but she's only doing  
what she loves the most 
And my lovin her is a task 
cause she's always showin off her class 
And she's what all men want  
from coast to coast 
I've spent the last 10 years 
just trying to face my fears 
Worried about what all my 
friends might say 
Yeah, but it's kinda fun to dream,  
I just sit back and drink 
I watch her dance and see my  
troubles stripped away 
She's a waitress right now 
In some rundown Micky Mouse town 
But on the weekends she's a  
big city striptease
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