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Cosmo Jarvis - Love This chords

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First entry, so hope the format ends up okay. I am a pianist, so not sure
about chords when it comes to guitar, and no doubt a capo will help with
this track considering the awkwardness of the chords, but there we go.

Intro: Db / Db Fm / Bbm / Ab


            Fm      Bbm    Ab
If I should see you in the sky
            Ab              Eb
I will look up, I will look up with some delight.
Db               Fm               Bbm             Ab
   I'll probably ask you shit you heard a million times,
    Db            Fm                Bbm          Ab
How many parts of things I do would you consider crimes?

I'll ask you which way I should go.
Even if you answer, I wonít trust you in my soul.
I'm only human, I watch stories on TV
They give me an ending when an endingís all I need.

Db             Fm  Bbm         Ab
You don't know how much I love this.
Db Fm Bbm Ab
Db             Fm  Bbm         Ab
You don't know how much I love this.
Db Fm Bbm Ab

So many lines I had to cross,
Don't wanna belong to a club with such a lenient boss.
Get your ass down here, reprimand me for my sins,
How can I know reason if no reasonís why I live?

How come everyman ain't good?
If it happened over night would you retire if you could?
If I believe in heaven, I deny myself a death.
Dying keeps me conscious of the way I waste my breath.


So you'll tell me how it is,
But what if how it is does not agree with how I live.
Should I admit the path I'm on is not the best?
Should I join your super highway 'cause you say that it's correct?

Just want an answer I can trust.
Things I should be doing ain't the some as things I must.
Tony Soprano is a teacher I respect, 
He's always been there when I take a nasty step.


So I don't think we should confer,
Let's just grab a cup of coffee, get fair trade if you'd prefer.
You'll look at me ways that I've never looked at you,
And I'll step back still wondering what you're thinking I should do.

Bridge: Db / Db Fm / Bbm / Ab (same as intro and chorus)


Outro: Db / Db Fm / Bbm / Ab (same again)

That's pretty much it. The bass leads the track, and is what makes the Ab
chords next to each other sound so different (bass finishes on a C for "
the sky", starts on an Ab for "I will look up..."). Any questions, feel free
to send, and any Cosmo Jarvis requests, feel free to also.

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