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Counting Crows - Butterfly In Reverse tab

Hey I'm Daniella...

So it seems as though no one can figure out Butterfly in Reverse by Counting Crows... 
is one of the easiest songs to play... ever... It's amazing that the wrong tab is actually 
the internet...
It's standard tuning...

This is the intro part....


Basically play those chords throughout the chorus...

e 7   3         2
b 5   5         0
g 5   4         2
d x   x         x
a x   x         x
e x,  x, and x

easy enough...

Then the first verse is a combination of these three chords...

e b g d a e
5 5 5 5 x 5
2 2 2 2 x 2


7 7 7 7 x 7

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