Craig Morgan - More Trucks Than Cars chords

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I'm not sure if this is 100% correct but it sounds pretty close to me. Enjoy!

Capo 1


(G) Out here on the backside of them (D) city limit signs where the (C) world turns two lanes
(G) Pretty girl workin' at the bank and the (D) fella toppin' off your tank (N.C.) knows your name
(G) Water tower, power lines, (D) swimmin' holes, rusty old R.C. cola sign

(C) And county fairs, raise your (D) hands up if you been there

Where there's (G) biscuits, grits, and gravy and the waitress calls you baby
And the (C) star lights like a street light on a summer (D) night
We say (G) hell yeah and amen, yee haw and ya'll come back again
And (D) pray that our boys come home (C) alive
And when Old Glory flies, we still hold our hands over our (D) hearts
Where (G) there's more trucks than cars

Repeat intro

(G) Well, I've been there on the concrete of them (D) big city streets, (C) in my Ford truck
(G) Traffic jam in the town square, told my (D) buddies livin' up there (N.C.) good luck
(G) Meanwhile, back in Tennessee, we're (D) raisin' our babies and our own green beans

(C) And kickin' up dust, come on (D) down when you've had enough

Repeat chorus x 2

(G) Where there's more trucks than cars

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