Craig Owens - First One I Love You So Much More chords

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Joanna, you know I love you
And the way that you love me too
So I decided to write a poem
Of all the silly things that we do
Like making a list of all 50 states
Visiting each and every one
Or saying the same things at the same time
As if we both had known

Let's talk about the space coat
That you put on your dog hanky
And the way that it creeps me out
And the fact that we have never gotten ready
Without wearing the same thing
And quoting lines from Casper
Like a whisper, "can I keep you?"
Making beds out on the floor
And staying up til we can't take anymore

I love the way that you need your coffee
And I wake up early just to get it for you
And Yaya can read our fortunes
From the Greek grounds that you grew up with
We're screaming out words like s'agapo
To the way I love each and every toe


And when I'm with you
It's like the whole world
Is going faster
And you and I
Are on some ocean
We just stare at each other
While the whole world
Spins around and around

And for our PJs where we just never leave them
Every day is a lazy one
When we're together there's just no one to impress
It's just our love, our cuddles, comfort
And don't forget our happiness

Do you remember our trip to Crescent
Taking ferries and just driving for hours
And walking through the haunted forests
And crossing the man-made bridge
Just to be turned away because we didn't have change
And didn't go cause we wanted to live
Me being crazy, running red lights
And the best Wendy's in the world

And I remember forgetting that anything existed
Except my smile and my girl

So what I'm trying to say is that
Joanna, you know I love you
And I just always, I just always will
So every time that I am far away
I want you to listen to this song
And know that I'll be there for you
No matter what things we may go through
And that being on the other side of the world
Could never stop me from coming home to my girl

Woah, oh, Joanna
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