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Craig Smith - Draw Me Closer tab

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Draw Me Closer
Craig Smith

Key: E
Verse 1:
E         C#m         A          B
My spirit is yearning to be with You
E          C#m          A             B
To rest in Your presence, to be renewed
A           B                  E
My heart is searching for Your chambers
A          B
To worship You
A        B              E      A
One holy passion for communion Lord

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E              C#m
Draw me closer to Your heart
A                B
Draw me close to You    [2x]

Verse 2:
You fashioned within me this thirst for You
To drink of the water which flows from You
And I hunger for the bread of Heaven
Your breath of life
I seek Your holy habitation Lord

D         E          D             E
My savior I love You and I worship You
D        E                     A   B  C#m  D
Redeemer how I long to be with You

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