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Craigs Brother - My Annie tab

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In order to make the chords sound right like the song, you want to Capo the 1st
fret to take everything up a half step...

So, Capo 1:

C                           G                    Am                      F
Darling I want to make the word "love" new cause it's been said so many times
    F                G                    C
And I don't want to use that old pick up line

C                            G               Am                     F
And oft' I try to find the words to use but none capture the way I feel
     F                G                  C        G        Am      F
When I gaze at your smile it seems like I'm out flying a sunset skyline
         C        G       Am           F          F                  G
You've stolen my eyes, I stare at what I can't describe. I guess I tried

C           G                       Am    F          
Look in my eyes. It's not hard to realize  I'm the one who loves you
C                   G            Am          F
And though you'll never know my heart, my complete feelings
C                  G        F
Just know you'll never be alone
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C                     G                   Am                F
Words keep cluttering in my mind as I persist in this futility
    F         G              C    G        Am     F
But no vocabulary could ever represent the beauty I see
       C   G           Am                F          F
You're everything and more than I could want you to be
F                           G
And in your face what do I see?

*This part is difficult and I'm much less sure about it*
C                   B           C                      B
It's like a rainbow in my mind, like when the daylight starts to die
C                     B             C                      B
Just like a landscape catching rain, or like a snow glazed mountain face
C                      Am                     C                    Am
Like Charlie Chaplain, like clapping one hand, my love can not be heard
C                         Am                       C
And all those love songs, they come out all wrong, cause there's just no 
      Am        F
such word, my Annie

C           G
Look in my eyes.
                    Am    F
It's not hard to realize, I'm the one who loves you
C                   G            Am        F
And though you'll never know my heart, my full emotion
C                  G       Am    F
Just know you'll never be alone, my Annie
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