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Cramps - Its Just That Song tab

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"It's Just That Song" by The Cramps 
from: "A Date With Elvis"

E                     A       E  
     As I sit here alone in a tavern
I can hear her voice soft and low
     E                 A           E
Then someone dropped a coin in the jukebox
              F#           E
And played an old familiar song
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Then tears came to my eyes
As I suddenly realized
         E                        F#
It was a song that reminded me of her
    E                A                  
And as I sit and cry someone came to my side
    E               F#           E
And asked me if I'd lost my best friend

I said, "No, it's just that song,
 A                        E
"No, it's just that song, it's just,
"I ain't heard it, for so long
"It brings back old memories
"Won't you leave me alone please,
"It's just that song"

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