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Crash - Star tab

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The Crash - Star
Transcribed by Christian Stieg

capo 1st fret, chords & riffs relative to capo


Gmaj7             D
       Here we go.


D  A                  Em7    D	 
Oh yeah, it's getting dark. 
D  A		      Em7 	    G	          D
Oh no, they've got an attitude that kills me. But then:
   A             Em7  D   A		     Em7      G		
Oh my, there you are.   I know you're not an ordinary being, 
      Em      Bm      Ax      Gx         F#mx    
but a solitudinarian, oh, who got it all wrong:

    (Emx)        D        A A4     Em            G
You shine like a star: [oo-ooh] if only you ever knew
                 D         A A4     Em            G
You'd go out and bloom, [oo-ooh] if only you ever knew
              D       A A4               Em           Gmaj7  D
You're very uncool [oh yeah] and forever wonderful. I know.

Easy to make you out,
I see you're not an ordinary being.
But a luminary hearted soul who got it all wrong.



         Em       G        Em      G
You're a solitudinarian, a solitudinarian,
  Em       Bm      Ax(loud) Gx         F#mx   Emx
A luminary hearted soul who got it all wrong
    Ax        Gx         F#mx   Emx
You know, you got it all wrong


Gmaj7            Bm
    Starlet, I'm yours.

used chords:

        E A D G B E
Gmaj7   3-x-0-0-3-2
D       x-x-0-2-3-2
A       x-0-2-2-2-0
A4      x-0-2-2-3-0
Em7     0-2-2-0-3-3
G       3-x-0-0-3-3
Em      0-2-2-0-0-3
F#m     2-4-4-2-2-2
Ax      5-7-7-6-x-x
Gx      3-5-5-4-x-x
F#x     2-4-4-3-x-x
Emx     0-2-2-x-x-x

number = fret
x      = don't let ring
->     = quick change
T      = you have to play the e-string with the thumb here to get the chord
Please listen to the songs to get the timing.
If you have any question on playing some chord,
or corrections, please email to
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