Creed - One Last Breath tab

Song: One Last Breath
Artist: Creed
Album: Weathered
BPM: 65

Section of Song: Intro
Tuning: Standard

Tabbed by: Daniel Dara
E-mail ddara(at)g(dot)clemson(dot)edu

I noticed that the current top rated tab for this song (609 5-stars) is actually wrong on several notes
and does a sloppy job of timing. I listened to the song with a -50% tempo to ensure I got the notes and
timing exactly right. I also have a minor in music and have played piano for 10+ years and guitar for 3+.
Please give this tab the rating it deserves so it can rise to the top. If you give this tab anything
less than 5-stars please e-mail me why and adjust your rating accordingly when I address the issue.

Beat: |--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--
Notes:                                    3* = 5h3h2h
                                    5* = 3h5

Beat: |--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--|--+--
Notes:            0* = 0h2h0           2* = 2h3h2


Further Notes:
A pipe (|) indicates the down beat and a plus (+) indicates the up beat.

The asterisks (*) indicate additional hammer on/offs that are separated out so the visual spacing of
the main notes match the appropriate timing. Asterisks containing three notes should be played as triplets.
For the asterisk with only two notes, the first note should be played as a grace note (very quickly).

Notice that the 3 on the B string immediately following the 5h3h2h triplet should actually be plucked
even though it could be hammered on.
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