Crimpshrine - Butterflies chords

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The recording is a little out of tune, but it's closer to standard E tuning than it is to Eb.

           C#               F#
When I was younger I chased butterflies
      D     C#           B
now I look around and realize
A              G                  D
there ain't no butterflies around here no more.

Now theres more people everywhere,
and on ground that once was bare
they've built condos and shopping malls.

       E               F#
and on streets I walked where the sun shined
shadows grow as buildings climb,
          A             G            B     C# D
and I get older getting colder every day.

The concrete stretches for miles
They put it up in different styles,
but it still looks pretty ugly to me....


[whistling part]
B C# D
D C# A

What a Pity, They've fucked up this city
where I grew up.
Now it's grown too big and there's no room left for me.

The rest is a repeat of these parts.  End on A.
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