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Crosby Stills Nash And Young - Might As Well Have A Good Time tab

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Might As Well Have A Good Time  

          G              Bm             Em7           C
There are windows on the water lighting up the silver strand
               G    C              G
Shining on the sea, shining on the sea
                       Bm     Em7         C
And the ocean's just a player on an old piano
                    G     C             G
Who repeats one melody, repeats one melody

C   G    C      G     C                    G  
I belong on the shore hustlin' nickels and dimes
 C              G      B7        Em7
'Cause it ain't long before it's gone
C                 G      C      G
You might as well have a good time

Well, the elbows of his jacket are blue and shiny
He's drunk and gone to seed, he's drunk and gone to seed
And he mumbles as he plays the only song he knows
It's the only song he needs, the only song he needs


All his restless music don't mean a damn thing to me
The shallow or the deep, said, the shallow or the deep
And if you're free this evening we'll go out together
And party 'till we sleep I said, party 'till we sleep


by: Josť Duarte
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