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Crosby Stills Nash And Young - Four Dead In Ohio tab

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This is a protest song about the deaths of the Ohio Massacre:
   -Allison Krause
   -Jeff Miller
   -Sandra and William Schroeder
   The students were protesting the invasion of Cambodia.
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 D5         F     C(I)     D5         F     C(I)      
D5               F     C                              
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,                           
D5            F      C                                
We're finally on our own                                 
D5            F         C                             
This Summer I hear them drumming,                        
D5           F  C                                     
Four dead in Ohio                                        
Gm7                    C                              
  Gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down     
Gm7                            C                     
  Should have been done long ago                         
Gm7                        C                             
  What if you knew her and, found her dead on the ground 
Gm7                        C                         
  How can you run when you know?                         
(main riff)                                              
La la la la, la la, la la                           
La la la la, la la, la                              
La la la la, la la, la la                           
La la la la, la la, la 
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