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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Breakdown tab

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capo 2


G                       Cadd9
i build a ladder to the moon
G                     Cadd9
and there i'd carve your name
G                            Cadd9
if it would brighten up this room
G                  Cadd9
but you know that anyway

well i can't be the rock
not today
sometimes i wanna pop
well sometimes i wanna say

D                   C
and i'd like to break down
D                    C
and i can't find the time
D                   C       Bm        Em
you're all lookin' to me to keep it in line
Cadd9                     G
i hope i can keep it in line

sometimes i slow it down
to hear what i haven't heard
when darkness rolls around
i scream out the word

his picture's on my wall
and he looks about my age
i wonder if he ever broke at all
i wonder if he ever had to scream


it's gonna work itself out
it always does
at the last drop of doubt
it's just like it never was


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