Cross Canadian Ragweed - This Time Around chords

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Intro: G D Em C x2

Verse 1
G                   D
I used to be crazy, yeah they called me a fool
Em                       C
I guess I wasnt myself, back when I wanted you
G                            D
I see you comin round again, that same look in your eyes
Em                    C
Id have to be crazy, to fall again for your lies

Em        C                  G                D
I'm gonna break these chains around my broken heart
Em           C                   G           D 
You could of had it once but you tore it all apart
C         Em                    Am           G 
I'm gonna throw your lying eyes over my left shoulder
C         Em                D       C    D   G
Not gonna let you wear your crown, this time around

Verse 2
G                                 D
No, I can't stay a little longer, I gotta be on my way
Em                           C
I've heard a thousand times, everything you have to say
G                            D
I'll show myself to the door and I'll turn out your lights
Em                  C 
I'll get in my car, and you'll be alone again tonight

Repeat Chorus

Em                            D
Never thought I'd be so cold, what'd you expect me to do
Em                        C
Can't put it all on hold, I learned it all from you

Repeat Chorus

G D Em C x2
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