Crossbreed - Be Mine chords

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Am C Gsus4 C C/B Am  x2

Verse 1:

Am        C               Gsus4
You are a queen I am your kingdom
   C      C/B       Am
No matter what I could
           C                  Gsus4
Be all the prints to all your questions
   C       C/B    Am
We know it can be crual
        C       Gsus4
But I refuse to lose it all
   C         C/B      Am            C
To those who think we should not be true
And I won't give up


I hardly touch your face
                    C                  C/B  Am
I starve for your embrace You're beautiful
My lips just want a kiss
I'm dying to be with you
   C/B     Am
So beautiful


   Am C Gsus4 C C/B 
Be mine               { repeat }

Am         C                   Gsus4
I could be killed, tortured at will
   C      C/B         Am         
No matter what they could
Am          C                 Gsus4
Cut off my wings, take all my reason
   C         C/B    Am
We know they can be crual
But my love diffuse
  Gsus4              C        C/B     Am
I see your eyes they help me to see you
God knows I need to, I need to

Please, be mine

By Audren, Its m first tab so its not so perfect
:) hope you like it :)
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