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Crowded House - Fallin Dove chords

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FALING DOVE     -       Crowded House

C - Fmaj7/C    6x 
         C       Fmaj7/C                  C                               
All his    life,          blown by wild -    fire 
Fmaj7/C          C        Fmaj7/C                 C                                
         like a    spark,          cause and ef -    fect 
Fmaj7/C             C         Fmaj7/C           C                                  
         one loose    word, a          revolu -    tion
Fmaj7/C            C      Fmaj7/C               C                                  
         one kind    act,           armies give    thanks

G#maj7          F        C                                               
        Aaah -     aah -    aah

Fmaj7/C            C        Fmaj7/C              C                                   
          falling    dove,           born of o -    cean
Fmaj7/C             C      Fmaj7/C                 C                                
          found by    man,           lived on his    own
Fmaj7/C           C         Fmaj7/C               C                                 
          lift a    sail,            tighten the    knots
Fmaj7/C             C      Fmaj7/C                C                                
          lift him    up,           barely brea -     thing

Fmaj7/C           G#maj7                                                     
         falling         dove
Bb               Am                                                 
    do you be -     lieve in us
G#               Cm/G                                                
    like I be  -       lieve in us
D/F#                       F                                         
      is the outcome ever     the strange enough
Bb                  Am                                              
     you keep de -     fending me
     G#                Cm/G                                          
when      Im behaving       badly
       because you love me
   because you love me too much 
D#              Bb                                                 
    huuhuuhuu -     uuhuu

Gm                           D#                                     
    may the best of fortune     bless you
could any creature be un -      moved
    Gm                         D#                                  
the      humble nature of re -      demption
the simple act of finding a     use
Gm                    D#                                           
    hoping and almost      praying
believing for a moment its     true

C - Fmaj7/C   4x 

C                         Fmaj7/C                C        Fmaj7/C -                 
   I made a rendezvous in          Moscow sta -     tion 
C                              Fmaj7/C         C         Fmaj7/C -                 
   a midnight passenger, the          caf is    closed 
C                         Fmaj7/C                  C       Fmaj7/C -               
   in st. petersburg the          door slides o -    pen 
C                         Fmaj7/C                C           Fmaj7/C              
   Im a dead man till I           see her walk    through 
          Cm/G       D/F# - Cm/G - D/F# - F                                               
falling       dove 
             Cm/G       D/F#       Cm/G       D/F#      F                             
haahaahaahaa      haaa       haaa       haaa       haaa    haaaa

Fmaj7/C - C //

C       x32010
Fmaj7/C x3321x
G#maj7  xx1113
Bb      x13331
Am      x02210
G#      4665xx
Cm/G    33554x
D/F#    2x0232
F       133211
D#      x68886
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