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Crowded House - Something So Strong tab

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Something So Strong
(N. Finn/M. Froom)



Love can make you weep
Em                     D
Can make you run for cover
Roots that spread so deep
G                    D
Bring life to frozen ground

G            D
Something so strong
G                  B    A
Could carry us away
G            D
Something so strong
G                   A
Could carry us today

Turning in my sleep
Love can leave you cold
Taste of jealousy
Is like a lust for gold


G*   D/F#  D              D/C#
I've been feeling so much older
G     D/F#   A
Frame me and hang me on the wall
G    D/F#     D             D/C#
I've seen you fall into the same trap
G    D/F#     A
This thing is happening to us all

SOLO: (Chords underneath solo are from verse)




Chords to fade:  G   D   G   D .... etc.

(Transcription by Marck Bailey and Mark Schnitzius)
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