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Crucifucks - Hinkley Had A Vision tab

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Intro and verse chord progression:

|E5   |G5 A5|  

Bridge one (The "Oh, teach me how to pray good Christians" part):
|A5  |E5 B5|
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Pre Verse:
|E5  |E5  |E5  |E5  |E5  |G5 A5| E5  |G5 A5|
                Hit the high E and B strings here.

Bridge two (The "They must be so intelligent" part):

|B5 G5|A5 E5|

Outro is the same as the intro and verse.

Intro X4
Verse X4 
Bridge one X4
Pre Verse X1
Verse X4
Bridge two X3
Outro X4
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