Cure - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea chords

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The Cure  From the edge of the deep green sea (by tysli)

Standard tuning 

[Em] 000220
[Hm] 03442x
[G]   330023
[Dsus2] 0320xx
[Asus2] 00220x
[Dsus2/F#] 032002
[Cadd9] 33023x  (better is play it like this 03023x)

Intro: [Em],[Dsus2/F#].[G].[Asus2]

[Em]Every time we do [Dsus2/F#]this 
I [G]fall for [Asus2]her 
[Em]Wave after wave after [Dsus2/F#]wave 
It's [G]all for [Asus2]her 
[Em]I know this can't be [Dsus2/F#]wrong i say 
and i'll [G]lie to keep her happy 
As [Asus2]long as i know that you [Em]know 
That today i [Dsus2/F#]belong 
Right here with [G]you 
[Asus2]Right here with you... 
And so [Em]we watch the sun come up 
From the [Dsus2/F#]edge of the deep green [G]sea [Asus2] 
And she [Em]listens like her head's on [Dsus2/F#]fire 
Like she [G]wants to believe in [Asus2]me 
So i [Em]try 
Put your [Dsus2/F#]hands in the [G]sky [Asus2] 
We'll be [G]here forever 
And we'll [Asus2]never say goodbye... 

[Em]I've never [Hm]been so 
Colourfully-[Cadd9]see-through-[Asus2]head before 
[Em]I've never [Hm]been so 
[Em]And all i [Hm]want is to keep it like [Cadd9]this 
You and me [Asus2]alone 
A secret [Em]kiss 
And don't go [Hm]home 
Don't go [Cadd9]away 
Don't let this [Asus2]end 
Please [Em]stay 
[Dsus2/F#],[G],[Asus2]Not just for [Em]today 

[Em]Never never never never [Hm]never never never never [Cadd9]never let me [Asus2]go she says 
[Em]Hold me like this for a [Hm]hundred thousand [Cadd9]million days [Asus2]
But suddenly she [Em]slows 
And looks down at my [Hm]breaking face 
[Cadd9]Why do you cry? [Asus2]what did i say? 
But [Em]it's just rain i [Hm]smile 
[Cadd9]Brushing my tears [Asus2]away... 

[Hm]  I wish i could just [Cadd9]stop 
I know another [Dsus2]moment will break my [Em]heart 
Too many [Hm]tears 
Too many [Cadd9]times 
Too many [Dsus2]years i've cried [Em]over you 

[Em]How much more can we [Dsus2/F#]use it up? 
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