Cure - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea tab

I like what was already submitted, but I wanted to add a little extra flare, just
try to play along & use what you'd like!

e-12-                e-5-|-5h7-5-5-5-5-5-|
B----                B---|---------------|
G----                G---|.--------------|
D---- [48x]  -then-  D---|.--------------| [8x]
A----                A---|---------------|
E----                E---|---------------|

Verse A chords: 4x

Verse A:                                           |_ _ _ _ _Fill 1_ _ _ _|
                                                   |                      |
 Em, Em7, Em, D/F#*, F#m#5, D/F#, G*, G, Gmaj7, Esus

Verse A:
[Em] Every [Em7] time [Em] we [D/F#*] do this [F#m#5] [D/F#]
I [G*] fall [G] [Gmaj7] for [Esus] her [Fill 1]
Wave after wave after wave
It's all for her
I know this can't be wrong i say
and i'll lie to keep her happy
As long as i know that you know
That today i belong
Right here with you
Right here with you...

Verse A chords: 2x

Verse A:
And so we watch the sun come up
From the edge of the deep green sea
And she listens like her head's on fire
Like she wants to believe in me
So i try
Put your hands in the sky
We'll be here forever
And we'll never say goodbye...

Verse B chords: 2x

Verse B:
   |_ _ _Fill 2_ _ _ _|
   |                  |
  Em                   Bm*, D6/B, Bm, Cadd9*, Cadd9, D9/C, Esus, F#m7/E, Esus

Verse B:
[Em] I've never [Fill 2] been so
[Bm*] Colourfully [D6/B] [Bm] see-through-
[Cadd9*] head [Cadd9] [D9/C] before [Esus] [F#m7/E] [Esus]
I've never been so
Wonderfully me-you-want-
And all i want is to keep it like this
You and me alone, A secret kiss
And don't go home
Don't go away
Don't let this end
Please stay...
Em, Em7, Em, D/F#*, F#m#5, D/F#, G*, G, Gmaj7,
[Esus] Not just [Fill 1] for today

Verse A chords: 2x

Em, Em7, Em, D/F#*, F#m#5, D/F#, G*, G, Gmaj7,
[Esus] Never never [Fill 1] never never
Verse B:
[Em] never never [Fill 2] never never
[Bm*] never [D6/B] [Bm] let me [Cadd9*] go[Cadd9] [D9/C]
she says[Esus][F#m7/E][Esus]
[Em] Hold me [Fill 2] like this for a [Bm*] hundred [D6/B] [Bm] thousand [Cadd9*] 
million [Cadd9] [D9/C] days [Esus] [F#m7/E] [Esus]
But suddenly she slows
And looks down at my breaking face
Why do you cry? What did i say?
But it's just rain i smile
Brushing my tears away...

 Bm*, Bm, Bm*, Cadd9*, D7sus2/C, D9/C, Asus, Dsus, D, Em, Bsus4, Em

[Bm*] I wish i [Bm] could [Bm*] just stop
[Cadd9*] I know another [D7sus2/C] [D9/C] moment
[Asus] will [Dsus] break [D] my [Em] heart [Bsus4] [Em]
[Bm*] Too many [Bm] tears [Bm*]
[Cadd9*] Too many [D7sus2/C] times [D9/C]
[Asus] Too many [Dsus2] years [D] i've cried [Em] over you

[Em] How much more can we [D/F#*] use it up?
[G] Drink it dry? [Esus] Take this drug?
[Em] Looking for something [D/F#*] forever gone
But [G] something
We will [Esus] always want?

Verse A chords: 4x over solo

Verse B:
Why why why are you
letting me go? she says
I feel you pulling back
I feel you changing shape...
And just as i'm breaking free
She hangs herself in front of me
Slips her dress like a flag to the floor
And hands in the sky
Surrenders it all...

I wish i could just stop
I know another moment
will break my heart
Too many tears
Too many times
Too many years i've cried for you...
It's always the same
Wake up in the rain
Head in pain, Hung in shame
[Bm*] A different [Bm] name [Bm*], [Cadd9*]Same old [D7sus2/C] game [D9/C]
[Asus] Love in [Dsus] vain [D]
And [Dsus] miles [D] and [Dsus] miles [D] and [Dsus] miles [D]
and [Dsus] miles [D] and [Dsus] miles [D] away
From home again...[Em]
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