Cyndi Lauper - Feels Like Christmas chords

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[D] If you want to see me
Don't break down and cry
I can be your sweety
If you be a friend of mine
And I won't be forsaken
If you think thoughts unkind
Just bring home the bacon
And bring it [A] home on time

[D] Hey Louie, can't can't you see
I couldn't leave you if I tried
Hey Louie listen to me
We got a thing so dignified
[G] It don't matter if we[A] lived in a shack
Or [Bm] in a shiny [A] Cadillac
[G] It don't matter [A] rich or poor
When [Bm] love is knocking [A] at your door

It [D] feels like [A] Christmas
[D] Just like [G] Christmas
[D] It feels like [A] Christmas with [D] you

And so on...
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