Daithi And Phil - The Dam chords

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Daithi and Phil 'The Dam'

Capo 3

G           D                  Em  C
Down in our street of Amsterdam 
     G                    D               Em    C
In a coffee shop called ''Hillstreet Blues''
G                    D                    Em                         C
Relax with the music chillin with ma girl rollin some weef and not a care in the world
G D                 Em        C
I feel like home in amsterdam 

            G                D                       Em
Because its easy livin,livin easy all the time and i see the people smile
with those big red eyes
G        D          Em        C
Legalise Legalise O legalise
        G                         D                   Em
And for those who opose us take a trip to the dam and there ya will see there 
aint nothin wrong with the ganga man 
   G        D          Em       C
So legalise legalise o legalise

  G         D                        Em   C
O i want to live and get lost in the dam 
G           D                    Em   C
O i want to sit and smoke in the dam
G                   D            Em   C
Stroll around for a while take a break 
G               D                     Em         C
Order some fine green and a chocolate milkshake 
      G          D              Em    C
O and i lets get high up in the dam
G          D              Em    C
I wish i was high up in the dam


Youtube Link Of Song >>>>>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=aAydCznYr28
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