Damageplan - Soul Bleed tab

Hey guys; im kind of b.s.'ing my way through this solo but i have a basic idea so that
you recorded a version of this without the solo you can wing it according to how you feel


ok the tuning is wierd
go into drop D...
and then tune EVERYTHING (eveb your dropped D) down 2 1/2 steps (i know it pisses me off too)

r= rake that string
^= bend
p= pulloff
t= tap
/= slide

First Run
 ... my soul is left to bleed
B  ------------------------------------------------------------------20------|
F# -15^---15p13-----15p13--------------------------17t18p17t18p17t18---------|
D  -r------r---------r------14--12t14p12-------------------------------------|
A  -r------r---------r----------r--------14----------------------------------|
E  -r------r---------r----------r------------15------------------------------|
A  ------------------------------------------r-------------------------------|

B  --20---------------20^----------------------------------------------------|
F# ---------18---------r------20p19^-----------------------------------------|
D  --------------------r-----------------------------------------------------|
A  --------------------r-----------------------------------------------------|
E  --------------------r-----------------------------------------------------|
A  --------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Second Run

now the second run is a little faster what i start off with is a slide on the 4th string
the 11th fret and then follow a pentatonic pattern there on out in the key of F#. So
is not what dime does but its an example of what i do.

B  --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F# ---------------------------------------------9t12---------9t12------------|
D  -------9t11p9--------9t11p9-----------9t11----------9t11------------------|
A  -/11-----------11------------11-------------------------------------------|
E  --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A  --------------------------------------------------------------------------|

B  -------------------------------------9 12p9--12p9--12^--------|  From there
F# --------9t12----------9t12------12^---------------------------|  descend down
D  --9t11---------9t11-------------------------------------------|  the scale
A  --------------------------------------------------------------|  and I end on
E  --------------------------------------------------------------|  the 9th fret
A  --------------------------------------------------------------|  5th string

Third Run

B  ----------------------------|  After this I am asuming its a pentatonic run
F# -20^--20^--20^--17t20p17----|  in the key of D (15th fret) This will end
D  ----------------------------|  the solo
A  ----------------------------|
E  ----------------------------|
A  ----------------------------|

Sorry that its not perfected yet i just learned it last night
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