Damien Jurado - Diamond Sea chords

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This song can be played with or without a capo on the 1st fret. He plays both ways live. Enjoy.

G            Bm
When I was a diamond
Am                    G   Bm Am
Fell into the diamond sea
G          Bm
Substitute starlight
Am                       G      Bm Am
A prison for the rainbow stream

G     Bm  Am
Would you tell me that you want me
G     Bm  Am                    G Bm Am          G   Bm Am
Would you throw me back lightly into the diamond sea

G Bm Am

G         Bm
Shine on, see through me
Am                         G    Bm Am
An expensive reflection is seen
G           Bm
Chandellier go-strap 
Am                             G      Bm Am
Who's danced on the fingers of queens


G          Bm
Jealous of gold
Am                   G    Bm Am
I'm emulous into the fire
G              Bm
My love is not shared
Am                       G     Bm Am
It is only for you I can shine

G      Bm                Am
If you decided it is not diamonds you wanted
G          Bm Am
It is gold
G         Bm
Let me go on
Am                               G  Bm Am
I would rather just drown and go on

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