Damien Jurado - Planes To Crash chords

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A beautiful song, only available on the deluxe edition of his albulm "Brothers and Sisters of 
the Eternal Sun."   

Gorgeous stuff, see here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAhR3CR_Onc


G  (320003)
D  (000565)
D* (000560) hammer on High E


D*    >   G  x4

D                             G
I went looking for a plane to crash, 
D                                        G
beyond the near and blue, where I just see you
D                                        G
and when ole sky is shown, o'er the earth below

D*                       G
only glory

D                         G
so I took a drive, to the mountain side
D                                G
where I gave my life, over to the light

D*                      G
born twice
D*                      G
born twice

D                              G
help my lord to see, the road ahead of me
D                                     G
and may you always be, the light beneath my feet

D*                              G
show me the way                 x4
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