Damien Jurado - Metallic Cloud chords

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Damien Jurado - Metallic Cloud

Great song, played in standard.   These chords are accurate, although he tends to play 
his G just on
the E & A strings.

Watch Here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpUFLXnT62w

You'll have to figure out your strumming pattern from the video or listening to the 
song.   No Capo.


G       (230001)
Am      (002210)

SLIDE RIFF    (001000)  >  (003000) > (001000)

G  >     RIFF    x2

G                           RIFF
heres a temporary fix
G                           RIFF
incase you dont come down
G                           RIFF
metallic cloud
G                           RIFF
voice in the crowd

Am                                                                                    G
cheer yourself up there are three to be seen with geodesic eyes and your life on rewind
Am                                                                    G
your name was on fire so we pulled the case, how does it taste, with your mouth from 
your face

G                            RIFF
heres a temporary earth
G                            RIFF
incase you dont get out
G                            RIFF
melodic rain
G                            RIFF
your own choke chain

Am                                                                                       G
drove yourself here so you might as well stay, you wanna be amazed and see the sky on delay
Am                                                                              G
keep a close eye for the ship in the sky, resurrection sign to the numbers aligned

Am                                       G   x2

Am                                                                                G
zodiac pain and the birds flew away, colors dont change, when your life gets strange
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