Dan Kelly - The Decommissioner chords

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Tabbed by: lusion01
Email: illu[dot]215[at]gmail[dot][com]

Just a thought: I have made the chords as primary barre chords, but I've seen a video 
in the first verse Dan plays the open D chord while playing
the C and Bb acting as bass lines on the 5th string, although on the next verse he then 
primary barre chords. Whichever version shouldn't
make too much of a difference, but I think it's cool to have that variation with open 
primary barre chords.
I altered some of the lyrics from the booklet just 'cause the song says otherwise.

It's 1/2 step down tuning on the album version, but I've tried transcribing some live 
and it's played in standard. It's up to you to decide

which one you like, hence why I have not selected a specific tuning. Anyway, here's the song.

All chords are primary barre chords except when stated otherwise (e.g. "Bm(2)" is my way 
saying that this is a secondary barre chord)

 D               C  B  Bb            G
American Apparel had a special on khaki
       D                  C        B  Bb           G
With a matching balaclava stitched in Northern Italy
    D                       C   B Bb                 G
Well it just got me thinking and I flashed my credit card
         C(open)          A7(open)
I must admit I might have been a trifle hard

D                   C  B    Bb               G
 I read the weather makers, read some Gandhi too
     D                            C    B  Bb         
And I thought about the space that does exist 'tween me and you
      D                         C    B   Bb          
Then I stole some high explosive from the coffin cheaters club
       C(open)         A7(open)
Then I vanished like a ninja to the scrub

Bm(2)  F#m
 I am the Decommissioner
A(open)      Em(open)
Guilty of the worst sedition
Helicopters on my trail
    A(open)       C(open)
I'm dancing like a hare krishna!

(D C B Bb G X2)

    D                     C B
Like Steve McQueen on my 250
Bb                G
O-er the compound fence
        D                      C    B
Well the blood had lifted to my head
   Bb             G
My legs were in suspense
And I rammed a stick of jelly
C     B   Bb              G
'Neath the cooling towers wall
             C(open)          A7(open)
I crashed the boom gate as the bricks began to fall

Bm(2)   F#m
  I am the Decommissioner
A(open)      Em(open)
Taking the extreme position
Taunting the police commissioner!
Bm(2)        F#m
  I am the Decommissioner
A(open)       Em(open)
Guilty of the worst sedition
Service station cameras catch me
A(open)       C(open)
Chantin' like a hare krishna!

(Wacky instrumental high speed chase through Gippsland commences.While this occurs, play 
open D for 4 bars)

Road blocks on all the highways
Bb(2)    C(open)
I slunk along the creeks
Soon joined by angry scientists
Bb(2)       C(open)
And some old Jesus freaks
Collecting strange disciples
Bb(2)       C(open)
We hatched a brand new plan
We started pre production
    Bb(2)         C(open)
On a touring indie band!

              D                      C  B
We went up the freeway in our black tarago
Bb          G
Run on solar power
D                    C   B
Decommissioning power stations
    Bb               G
The cops close by the hour
  D                        C     B
Reviewers in their leather trench coats
Bb            G
Settin' up my buzz
           C(open)     A7(open)
Say I'll be famous if I just avoid the fuzz!

Bm(2)    F#m
Oh Mr. Police Commissioner
A(open)        Em(open)
Look at it from my position
Apocalypse is comin'
       Bm(2)       F#m
And I'm really a concerned parishioner
A(open)     Em(open)
Acting on my own volition
Taking the extreme position
    A(open)           C(open)
I'm tired of all this indecision!
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