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Dan Mangan - Reason To Think Aloud chords

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Reason to Think Aloud

Dan Mangan

Intro:   A (sus4)  F#m  C#m  Bm  E

C    itís almost christmas 
             F#m     C#m
H    what do i do? 
          Bm       E
O    where do i go? 
R    i donít want to be alone 

U              F#m         C#m
     for all iíve said, 
S          Bm           E
     what do i know? 

A                        F#m
now that the tvís gone, 
                   Bm            A
i can see why you placed it there 
the weeks just keep rolling by, 
                Bm            A      
i still look to see the glare 

itís easy to hold it back, 
easy to just move on 
convince yourself not to care, 
hope strength might come along 

     but itís almost christmas, 
C    what do i do? 
H    where do i go? 
R    i donít want to be alone 
U    for all iíve said, 
S    what do i know? 

now that thereís snow outside, 
thereís reason to think aloud 
pride tends to eat me up, 
but pride doesnít mean iím proud 

I believe that there is more to this, 
believe that true love waits. 
i believe someone put me here, 
believe they might take me away

The solo is based on the A pentonic scale played over the verse chords

Heres the first part:

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