Dan Mangan - You Silly Git chords

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You Silly Git  -  Dan Mangan

Capo 2 - Standard Tuning

Intro (and pretty much the whole song):
| F | Am | F | C | F - G | Am - C | F | G |

             F                               Am
She says the joys of life are lost among the living
           F                               C
So I guess all those souvenirs are for her health
             F                G
She gives me quarters for the phone
          Am          C          F
And every time I feel alone I go broke
Yeah I go broke

             F                                      Am
She says if you're not here at least make sure you miss me
           F                              C
So when I miss her I make sure to let her know
         F                  G
It's the least that I could do
           Am               C
And sure I guess I like it too
            F                 G
I'm Mr. Charming without the charming

       F                                   Am
I can hear the eyebrows raise when I start singing
            F                          C
'Cause the songs I sing are all about myself
        F              G
You can read me like a book
           Am           C
I'm not as clever as I look

I've got a sneaky kind of selfish
That I keep upon the shelf
With jars of double-sided comments
For people who've done nothing wrong

Preparing for the lights
And always practicing my sha-na-nas
I will stand right next to giants
And roar aside the lions

Wondering how is it so easy
For leaves amid the breeze to blow
From hometowns all around us
To hometowns where nobody lives

Just cities full of people
People making people 
Making people for the masses
People we won't ever know

{Intro X1}

             F                                 Am
She says the point of this is not to date the future
        F                    C
So just focus on the task at hand
       F                  G
Try to break up with your pride
             Am               C
And start to flirt with satisfied 

| F | G | F |
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