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Dan Tyminski - Please Dear Mommy chords

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Song:    Please Dear Mommy
Artist:  Dan Tyminski
Album:   Carry Me Across the Mountain

[D] God sent a little girl, an [G] angel to me
Words canít explain the [D] love I felt when I [G] held her close to [A] me
as [D] she grew up and grew apart her [G] mother and I
she over heard our [D] angry words [G] then begin to [A] cry

Please dear [D] mommy, doní t hate my [G] daddy
I love him more than [D] anything [G] please donít let him [A] go

Please dear [D] daddy, donít leave my [G] mommy
you promised me you [D] never would
[G] promise you that [D] Iíd be good if [G] you donít go [A] away

[G] Mommy, you should [A] make my daddy [D] stay [Dsus] [D]
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We taught her how to say her prayers, [G] sit up straight and tall
And if you canít say [D] something good, say [G] nothing at [A] all
One [D] night behind our bedroom door [G] much to her surprise
The words she heard her [D] daddy say made [G] teardrops in her [A] eyes

please dear [D] daddy, donít hate my [G] mommy
I love her more than [D] anythingÖ so [G] please donít let her [A] go
please dear [D] mommy, donít leave my [G] daddy
you promised me you [D] never would
I [G] promise you that [D] Iíll be good if [G] you donít go [A] away

[G] Daddy you should [A] make my mommy [D] stay [Dsus] [D]

It takes my breath to tell the rest, [G] how she left our home
to be part of godís [D] family our [G] little babyís [A] gone
[D] looking back I know she was an [G] angel in disguise
the last words that she [D] ever said, made [G] teardrops in our [A] eyes.

Please dear [D] mommy, take care of [G] daddy
He loves you more than [D] anything, so [G] please donít let him [A] go
Please dear [D] daddy, stay here with [G] mommy
I did not mean to [D] make you cry 
I [G] crossed my heart and [D] hoped to dieÖ now [G] I must go [A] away 
[G] letís meet up in [A] heaven some sweet [D] day
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