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Daniel Johnston - Broken Dream tab

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Artist: Daniel Johnston
Song: Broken Dream
Album: From MTV Cutting Edge 1984
Transcribed by: jealousagain38
Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb (note: this tuning was probably unintentional. I usually just 
it in normal tuning.)

G                          C
When I was out in san marcus a year ago today
G                                  D
They probably would've put me in a home
G                             C
But i threw all my belongings into a garbage bag
G                D               G
And out into the world yes I did roam

   C                          G
My hopes lay shattered like a mirror on the floor
  C                            D
I see myself and I look really scattered
    G      C         G     D
and I live my broken dream

G                  C
The wildest summer that I ever knew
G                 D
I had a flat tire down memory lane
G                     C
But I came back after 5 months and a half
G            D         G
And I'm just trying to explain

C                    G
And now I'm here and here I stand
C                  G
With a sweet angel holding my hand
    G      C         G     D
and I live my broken dream

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