Daniel Lemma - Straight Arrow tab

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G, Bm, Cadd9, D
Am, Cm, D, Cadd9, D and back to G

(G), Cadd9, Bm, Am, Cadd9, D back to G

Intro ( the harmonica bit tabbed for guitar)Repeat twice

Solo 2 (after first vers but it comes back a few times during the song)
b-12--10--12-----12--10--12-------12------------------12--   X2

G                Bm
She met a boy named Noah
Cadd9                  D
He must've fell right out of the sky
G                    Bm
She just turned around and he saw her
Cadd9                   D
Lit a spark in those distant eyes
Been a long road a-traveling
         Cm                 D
Wear our years around our skull
Cadd9                             D                    G
But every once in a while these mysteries will unfold

(solo 2)

Sarah danced like a leaf on high winds
Whirls and swirls, leaves you in awe and wonder
She kissed that boy upon the hill
And down below they took her heartbeat for thunder
We come a long road a-traveling
Wear our years around our skull
But every once in a while these mysteries will unfold

Cadd9     Bm       Am
Straight arrow, see ol' Hannah blush
Cadd9                   D             G
Years of longing caused a soul rush
Dream archer, just straightened his bow
Crimson skies, he made fire down below
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