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Daniel Licht - Astors Birthady Party tab

It's just the first part for now. I'll probably upload the rest at some point.
I think for a really good sound it's probably best to play it with two guitars, 
one doing the tab and the other slowly breaking the chords. I noticed most tabs 
for this song do it in Gm though I found it no better than using plain Em. Feel 
free to just add a capo if you find it more appealing.

also, take notice that it's best (And easiest) to do a bridge for each segment:
7, then 5, then 2 (the ending is open).


Ch:  Em ------- G            A ------- Am 

|----4----4----4---------|--0-(0)(0)--(0)(0)(0)-|  to beginning

    Em ------ B(7) -----   Em/(bass: e-f#-g-a-a#-b)

Good luck
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