Daniel Norgren - Purse chords

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I noticed that there is no Daniel Norgren tabs on the web, but a lot of reuests 
for it so heres a first try. Probably the first Daniel Norgren tab on the internet. 
The song is played on piano on the almbum, but these are the chords that he is 
playing which works great with guitar. 
I dont want the world to miss out on this genoius of a bluesman who started out as 
a one-man orchestra in the Swedish Westcoast town of Borås. his songs are brilliant! 

Standard Tuning: E, A, D, G, B, E    No Capo

C, C/B, Am, F     C, G, Am, F     C, G, C

          C                Am             F           G
Well they say that you are gone, and will never rise again 
         C                 Am                  F                    G
That the last time someone heard from you, the false call from your lip 
      C               Am              F                G
And I heard among the girls, from the distress of your curse 
         C    C/B        Am       Am/G       F      G        C
That the only thing they found of you, was a yellow trampled purse 

C, Am, F, G    C, Am, F, G7,   C, Am, F, G,   C, C/B, Am, Am/G, F, G, C

    C                 Am             F               G
I recall when we were young, all the dangers that we fled 
       C              Am                  F                  G
And we held on to the world we knew, with all the strings we had 
          C            Am            F              G
You would always be my girl, I would always be your boy 
         C          C/B          Am       Am/G      F     G      C
When the crosswinds blew I could count on you, hold on to me you said 

Best of luck!
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