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Daniel Odonnell - Destination Donegal chords

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Many thanks to DonegalVolvo who tabbed out the original version of this song. I have devised an 
alternate version in open E tuning for those who want a different sound.

Tuning: EBEG#Be

     E B E G# B E
E    0 5 4 0  0 0
C#m  0 2 0 0  2 0
A    0 2 0 1  2 0
B    0 0 2 1  2 0

E                     C#m                A        B      E
As I stand above the starboard bow and watch the ocean foam
     E             C#m             A       B      E
As I view each new horizon I grow further from my home
E                C#m                   E         C#m
I'm sailing on a foreign ship, that's bound for Montreal
E                         C#m      A           B     E
But I'd give the world to make my destination Donegal

E                        C#m       A        B       E
I would make my way from Malin to Bundoran through Raphoe
   E                 C#m           A          B   E
Or Portsalon down to Killybegs by Creeslough and Dungloe
E                     C#m               E            C#m
I'd wander around by Barnesmore Gap to everyone I'd call
E                        C#m               A       B     E
And beyond the Bluestack mountains to the town of Donegal

E            C#m                A     B      E
Oh Donegal I miss you and I'll never understand
     E                   C#m              A         B      E
Why I left you for those far off lands, against my hearts command
E                C#m                   E         C#m
Whatever fortune comes my way, whatever may befall
E                    C#m   A           B     E
I know I'll make my final destination Donegal (x2)
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