Danny Hauger - Find Out Who You Are chords

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Tuning: Ĺ Step Down
Capo: 2nd fret
Note: Thumb pluck and strum with fingertips
Chords: G, D, Bm, A

Verse 1: 
	G	     D                    Bm		A
	Some are near and some are far,
	G	     D		    Bm		A
In finding out just who they are.
	G	     D		     Bm		A
And you must stick to your own way,
	G	     D		     A
No matter what the others say.

	G		D		Bm		A	
Itís when youíre pushed up to a wall,
	G		D		A
Thatís when youíll find out who you are.

Verse 2:

Some are near where you will be.
And you found who you are in me.
And now its time for you to go
To learn the things you need to know.

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