Danzig - Sistinas chords

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well it seems like you can use different chords/variations of chords, and it still 
sounds legit, so i put em all... 

capo 4.

G                   Bm, or B
   take my          hand you'll 
never find a-       nother quite like mine/it
 and if you         look/did you'll 
see that i'm a      lonely one, i

C                           Bm,B
lost my soul deep in-       side,oh and it's
C                            Bm, B, D?
so black and cold deep in-  side

   sistine           smile you'll 
never know the       trap it's set
  and if you         did you'd 
never look in-       to its eyes


  hyea,the           sun don't shine the 
wind won't blow when you go hide
  hyea,with-         out your love i'm 
G,C                    Bm,G?
lonely deep in-      side

b-  7  7
g- 8  8  8 
d-9  9  8
                   ...or something

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