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Daphne Loves Derby - Come Winter tab

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        Verse: D - G - Bm - G
	After Verse: A - G
	Slow Ending: Bm -G - Bm - G
	Ending: Bm- D - G - A]

Verse x2
After Verse x4
Verse (no singing)x1
Verse x2
Slow Ending x1
Ending x4
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                     D                       G    
The First Day of fall is the last day I'll kiss the sky
Bm                                                           G
The cold air surprises my bones have been spoiled by the summer's heat
                  D                           G
The sun hides its face, and I'll hide mine too
Bm                                                 G      
Sooner or later this winter will rain down and leave me to wait for one year.
A        G       A        G
I'll be there, I'll be there
A                   G
Next year this time, I'll be there
A                        G
I'll dream of the past, and wish that I was there.


        D                         G 
I am burning the letters of days gone by
       D                                        G
I'm sorry, but I'm scared that my heart will regret all the things that I've done
     D                            G
Breathe in all of the ashes of my mistakes.
    Bm                                                G
Gently collapse so no one will notice you're falling too short of your breath.
Bm                          G
I've wasted more time dreaming than living.
Bm                   G
I've wasted more time dreaming...
Bm          D   G        A
I'll be there, I'll be there
Bm                                              D
So cherish these days, enjoy every breath like it will be the last of your life.
And never look back, and never look back
Because you won't forget why you cried.

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