Darker My Love - Northern Soul tab

Yo, this is my tab for Northern Soul. This is also my first tab, so be nice. 
Apologies if it's a bit messy.

Intro/Verse. (0:05):


This riff is continued througout the verses, and most of the song.

(1:13/2:27) "Ooh Woo Ooh Ooh, Your form has slipped away.."

Chords (Strumming):

  D     F          C      A
e|2--   e|----   e|----   e|-0
B|3--   B|----   B|----   B|-2
G|2--   G|----   G|----   G|-2
D|0--   D|-3--   D|-5--   D|(2)
A|---   A|-3--   A|-5--   A|-0
E|---   E|-1--   E|-3--   E|--

Then back to the intro/verse riff until 3:00 (with the exception of the chorus at 2:27).

Between 3:00 and 3:20 the riff is variated, which i have yet to tab out. The 
chords of the intro should fit.

Then it's the intro riff over the top until the song ends.

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