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Darlene Love - All Alone On Christmas tab

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Okay, not one of the most well-known Xmas tunes, but I've known it for years, cos it's 
Home Alone 2, and it's great.

Anyway, a strum pattern like this works really well,

   D D U  D D U
E]--------------| etc


The cold wind is blowin' and the streets are getting dark
I'm writing you a letter and I don't know where to start
The bells will be ringing Saint John the Divine
I get a little lonely every year around this time

The music plays all night in Little Italy
The lights will be going up on old Rockefella's tree
People window shopping on Fifth Avenue
All I want for Christmas is you


(Tell me) I've got to know
Where do lonely hearts go
        [G]               [A]           [D]
Because nobody ought to be all alone on Christmas

The verse and chorus sections are repeated before the interlude, which is...


I'm all grown up but I'm the same you'll see
I'm writing this letter 'cause I still believe
Dear Santa I've been good this year
Can't you stay a little while with me right here

Sexy Sax solo over the verse, then back to the chorus.

Easy peasy eh?
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