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Darren Criss - Sami chords

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Hey! This is a great song by a great guy and simple enough until the last wee bit 
but if i, a 13yr old, can do it anyone else can, so here it is!!! Its very VERY 
accurate so ya should have no problem... Spooooon...
C              Em                  Am
I've seen her face, I've heard her name
C             Em                 Am
I've lost my place and she's to blame.
C             Em              B7      Em   D
And I can't stand it when I'm staring in her eyes,
And she's not looking back
It ain't a big surprise
C         Em                Am
I've heard music, I've heard noise
C            Em               Am
I wish that she could hear her voice
C            G            B7             Em
The way that I do, when I go to sleep at night
And dream my life away
           C           D
But she's gone when I awake
Em  D         A
Why can't you see
Am7         C   D     G 
What you're doing to me

(the next bit is the same as the second part of the first verse, but the last A is an A7)
The way her hair falls in her eyes, makes me wonder if
She'll ever see through my disguise, I'm under her spell
Everything is fallin', I don't know where to land
Everyone knows who she is
But she don't know who I am

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
F                              Dm
I've see you singin' on that stage,
Esus4   E      Am                    G
Looking like an angel and all I do is pray (that maybe)
F                                D7           
One day you'll hear my song and understand that all along
        Dm                  F             E  
There's something more that I'm trying to say, when I say
A ! D
F#m  F#m/E     B7
Why can't you see
BM          A/C#     D                        E
What you're doing to me (what you're doing to me)
(repeat last chorus)
Ooh when I say
When I say
Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
What you're doing to me

It's simple enough!!! Be nice with the comments.. first tab!

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