Darren Criss - The Way I Do chords

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Intro- E------------------------------| Play this twice. You should be able to figure out
       B------------------------------| the rhythm. You could also play these chords:
       G-----------0-0-0--------------|             C G Am7 G C G Am7

G         C                   Am                     Em
When they say you canít love, I think theyíve got it wrong
     Fmaj7                      Dm7
They say you canít feel, with a heart made of steel
        Gsus                       G
But you canít say that steel ainít strong
        C                          Em                      Am
Well if thatís who you are, just a meaningless star in the sky
        Fmaj7                  Dm7                  Gsus      
Tell me what is the meaning of what I am feeling if you are the reason why?
      E      Am
Now I may be dumb
But where I come from
                  F                             Fm6
Folks say theyíre fine when I know that theyíre blue
But you donít know you
    Fm    C
The way I do

Bb           Eb                    Cm                  Gm
Your kind is frail and weak, and I want to destroy you all
         Abmaj7                 Fm7
Youíre a sorry disgrace, to the concept of race
       Bbsus               Bb
And to logical science and law
        Eb                        Cm                 Gm
But for some reason why, when you look at me I donít wanna be
Abmaj7               Fm7
Programmed this way, believe when I say
           Bbsus    Bb
Youíre the one anomaly
    G            Cm
You might not be smart
But there is a part of me
       A6                 Abm6
Thatís starting to make a break through
No, you donít know you
    Abm   Eb
The way I do

Bbm                                           Eb
                (My wires are protected from abnormal things like you)
I never expected                             to find someone like you

         Bbm                                               Eb
(When you know everything, it is suddenly strange when you donít have a clue)
                          I donít know anything, but youíre giving me a clue
Gm        Cm         Gm
I can see past, the, surface
Fm                        Abmaj7      Bb
Finding the worth that is hiding beneath
Cm            Gm
Your life and purpose
Ab                  F7                      Bb                
        Gsus G
& all of a sudden I feel like Iíve run into something that no one has seen

Intro riff again or these chords: C G Am7 G 
C G Am7

E      A
Youíre perfect and wonderful
F#m               C#m
How I hoped youíd be
                    (February, IÖ)
But itís really enough
    Bm7              Esus      E
For you to be just a human being
                                (Thereís something I need to tell youÖ)
And I know youíll agree
F#m                        C#m
Thatís all we need to make all our dreams come true
                             (Your dreams come true, but I need to share something with youÖ)

        Dmaj7                Bm7                         E
If this life has ending, Iím glad that Iím spending this short little time
with you

            F#m                    A7
Iím so much more, than what you've thought before
   (So much more then what we have got too)
D                       Dm6
Now that we have gotten to
Get to know you
               (You donít know you)
But you donít know me
The way I doÖ

End Chords: F#m C#m Dmaj7 Dm A

I hope it sounds alright!  If you have any suggestions, questions, anything, don't be 
afraid to let me know!
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